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Anthony Zamora

Owner/Tattoo Artist

Anthony Zamora is first and foremost an actual artist. He practices many mediums of art such as painting, digital art, music, and sculpting etc. Although he has done many forms of art, one specific genre has ultimately taken hold of his passion and drive. 

Anthony started tattooing over a decade ago and has made this practice much more of a life long ambition rather than simply a hobby. Always striving to better his work and become more advanced, he has submerged himself in his work and has a personal relationship with almost all of his clients. He looks at tattooing differently than most in that it’s not just a business to be executed and concluded, it is an encounter between two people that transcends simple thought into ultimate expression of heart, thought and passion. “I will never tell you your idea is stupid, who am I to dictate what is the right design for YOU!” Anthony strives to guide his clients and friends into creating the best form possible. “It’s our jobs as tattoo artists to guide you and help you along the way to making your idea into a reality” 

Over 10 years ago Anthony owned a small studio in San Marcos, TX called Monster Tattoo with his partner Sly, they ultimately succeeded in creating a well driven, professional shop. At the end of the venture Anthony decided it was time to move to a place where he could better his artwork and fine tune his tattooing skills. He moved to Pennsylvania and worked next to a few really talented artists. Working with one of his best friends and co worker Jonathan Wade, he was able to adapt and better himself in more ways than one. He learned more in 2 years than he had in his entire career up to that point. 

Then something unexpected happened. After attending many conventions, someone approached him to see if he might be willing to consider being a contestant on a TV show called Best Ink season 3. After an extensive interview he was flown to Hollywood CA and did even more interviews. After 2 days he was sent back and within a few hours of getting off the plane, he received a call informing him that he was to be accepted as a new contestant on the TV show and had only 3 days to prepare and go back to California. Although Anthony had many upcoming appointments every single client he had was understanding and urged him to make the trip and accept the fate. So after some convincing, he decided to accept the role and was flown to LA.

The show was ultimately a success and even though he was not the winner of the show, he made it far and was deemed a like-able and talented artist. “The show did wonders for my career”. After returning home to PA the newspapers got ahold of the story and launched a new era in his career. Many people ask if you would do it again, and the answer is “yes, I figured as long as I wasn’t the first or second to be let go, and voted off, that it would be worth it and a success.” 

After that happened his reputation soared and things were looking great until the worst happened. His little brother Steven Zamora who was back in Texas, passed away. It hit the family very hard and Anthony decided it was time to head back home to Texas and bid Pennsylvania a fond farewell.

Now back in Texas he worked for a few Studios, realizing that none were exactly where he envisioned his perfect environment to be. All the Studios had something to offer but lacked even more than should be lacked. He sought to take all of the good and leave all the bad behind, and start his own company.

In March 2017 he decided to start Art of War Tattoo Company in New Braunfels Texas with his wife. The name signifies the struggle and conflict they endured and the need to come into this town strong and ready for anything. They have a do or die attitude and won’t let anything get in the way of their success. It was an exciting venture and one that they knew was right. To focus on the actual art and on the clients themselves was the main goal. After being open almost a year and making the company ultimately a great success, they are now opening their second studio Art of War 2. They employ some of the best artists and piercers in the entire area and have no plans on slowing down or surrendering.

If you’d like to have Anthony do your next session you can contact him through this website or TEXT him at 830-310-1126 or call the studio at 830-632-5298. Although his focus is mainly based on realistic aspects of art both color or black and grey, he can also mimic and adapt to almost any style you choose. He also has other artist which specialize in many other art forms working at his studios. So if you’re in New Braunfels or nearby, and looking to get something unique and outside of the box sort of artist, then Anthony is the person you want to have do your next piece.

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