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Sarah Zamora

Owne/Tattoo Artistit’s/Piercing Specialist 

Sarah first started her piercing apprenticeship about 12 years ago under Anthony Zamora. She excelled quickly and found a true passion for body modification. She enjoyed pushing the limits of the human skin and seeing just what she could do with it. 

‘’I have always had wonderful clients that allow me to seek out new and interesting ways to decorate their body.’’ 

She also loves doing micro dermal implants and feels all body modifications are truly a beautiful way to express yourself.

As the years passed Sarah continued to improve and excel her piercing skills but always being an artist and constantly drawing as a child she decided to begin her other passion, her tattoo career. ‘’I had a real urge to express my creative side and it’s something that only tattooing did for me.’’ It’s a lifestyle she completely fell into and drowned her world in ink. Sarah used to have a lot of fun with other artists, sitting in the attic till the wee hours of the morning drawing and creating new pieces and was so envious that they would be transferring these beautiful works of art to skin. She wanted that! She again went to her mentor, Anthony and asked if he would now extend her education into tattooing as well. Before starting the apprenticeship he was very upfront about the fact that he would be MUCH harder on her than any other before. He did this because he knew how badly she wanted to succeed and he wanted her to reach further than anyone he had taught. ‘’As cheesy as it may sound I knew that with him and my family by my side believing in me, I would not let myself fail. Even though I have been tattooing for about 5 years now I am still grateful that I had the chance to work with my mentor and continue to develop my skills eternally.’’

After working at a few shops in Texas, Sarah and Anthony knew that they wanted to provide something different to the community than previously done in New Braunfels. So in March 2018 they opened Art of War Tattoo Studio’s original location. ‘’We have been so blessed to have amazing artist work for us, clients get unique work from us, and have people who we can now call friends. Now that the studio is in full swing and we are growing, we felt we needed to open another location to have the ability to serve all of our clients even better.’’

Sarah hopes to continue poking people pretty for years to come! Stay updated for the release of her book “Piercing with a Purpose!”

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Tattoo Artist/Piercer 

Joshua (AKA) JerseyTatz has been tattooing since 2007 in Texas ,and several years on the national convention circuit.He is the last apprentice of legendary tattoo artist Paul[Daffy) Daffin,and continues the Texas tradition of custom street shop tattooing.Jersey specializes in American and Japanese traditional.Old school and New school tattoos,and custom one off designs.If your interested in a original custom piece of art work.Jersey is the artist for you.He strongly believes in designing tattoos for each individual,so you may express yourself in a one of a kind unique manner.Please feel free to schedule a free consultation to make your vision a reality.

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Kirby Kage

Tattoo Artist 

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