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art of war tattoo studios

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Voted one of the best in

New Braunfels

We are committed to providing

professional and exceptional services.

Who We Are

at art of war tattoo studios, we aim to adorn our clients with only the best work. we are a passionate and hard working team with a focus on providing a safe, clean environment and top tier services. we have 2 shops in the new braunfels area to best serve our clients!

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our tattoo artists have a vast range of skills to suit any style of art our clients desire.

our artists


Our piercers are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.

We offer a wide variety of piercings.

our piercers

all genital piercings and dermals are done by sarah

schedule a consultation!

we want to hear about your tattoo and piercing ideas! sign up for a free consultation with us!

*consultations are not service appointments. there is no guarantee that we will be able to do your desired service the same day as your consultation*

email us at to get a consultation scheduled!

please include your name, phone number, what kind of service you’re wanting and any additional information you may have such as reference photos or the artist ​you want to work with!

schedule your appointment!

To book your appointment, we require a deposit. this deposit is non-refundable and will go towards the final price of your tattoo or piercing!

*you must call the shop of your choice to schedule the date and time of your appointment*

please include your name, the word “deposit,” and the name of the artist/piercer that thisw deposit is for.

if you do not have cashapp, you may leave a deposit in person, or over the phone to either shop during business hours.

cashapp: $Artofwarnb

shop 1: (830)632-5298

1410 s business 35

shop 2: (830)632-5555

263 loop 337

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sunday 2-6 pm

monday closed

tuesday 1-8 pm

wednesday 1-8 pm

thursday 1-8 pm

friday 1-9 pm

saturday 1-9 pm

Aftercare (tattoos)

Aftercare is half the battle. if you have any questions regarding aftercare, please reach out to us.

what to expect

slight swelling, bruising, and tenderness is to be expected with a new tattoo. you may notice slight bleeding during the first couple days after.

your skin will begin to flake off and itch during the healing process. all of this is completely normal. healing should last 3-4 weeks.


do not handle your fresh tattoo with unwashed hands. do not submerge the tattoo in any body of water( baths, pools, lakes etc.) until at least 2 weeks into the healing process. do not pick off any flaking skin. do not itch or scratch. do not let any person or animal touch your tattoo during the healing process. do not use ointments. overall, do not stray from the healing plan given to you by your artist. contact us for any questions you may have.

methods of healing


saniderm is a “second skin,’” that stays on anywhere from 3-5 days.

after removing it under warm running water, you will begin washing it 3 times a day with antibacterial, fragrance free soap and moisturizing with fragrance free lotion. if you begin to notice a red line around the perimeter of the saniderm, take off the adhesive and contact us

saran wrap

for the first 3-5 days, you will wrap your tattoo with saran wrap. every 3 hours or so (excluding when you are asleep), you will remove the wrap, wash with an antibacterial, fragrance free soap, pat dry with clean paper towel and then rewrap it ( do not wrap around more than once to prevent heat rash). after the 3-5 day period, you will need to continue washing 3 times a day and then begin moisturizing with a fragrance free lotion.

*there are other methods of healing but they are used less often and will be explained directly by your artist.*

we offer free touch ups for all tattoos excluding hands, feet, and face tattoos within a 2 week-6 month period after your session. contact your artist if you need a touch up!

If you have any questions or concerns about your tattoo, please call or stop by the shop. Infections and allergic reactions are rare. You should consult a healthcare practitioner at the first sign of infection, allergic reaction, or adverse reaction and report any diagnosed infection or reaction resulting from the tattoo to the artist, and to the Texas Department of Health, Drugs, and Medical Devices at 1-888-839-6676

aftercare (piercings)

what to expect

slight swelling, bruising, and tenderness is to be expected with a new piercing. you will start to notice white-yellow discharge known as “crusties” which is completely normal.


do not touch the piercing with unwashed hands. do not put makeup over a fresh piercing. do not change out the jewelry before it is healed. do not submerge the piercing in any water. avoid any bodily fluids. don’t allow anyone or any animals to touch your piercing. clean daily used objects such as your phone and bed sheets. contact us for any questions.

signs of infections

severe redness, heightened pain, warm to the touch, thick discharge that is darker and greenish in tone. if you believe you are experiencing an infection, do not remove your jewelry on your own. please contact us and see your physician.


for non oral piercings, wash your hands with an antibacterial soap. pour warm water into a cup and mix in antibacterial soap. using a

q-tip, swish it around in the mixture and then clean both sides of the piercing. this should be done 2-3 times a day with one being after you shower. dry the area with a dry clean paper towel. avoid overcleaning the area so you’re skin doesn’t get too dry.

for oral piercings, rinse your mouth with an alcohol free, antiseptic mouthwash for 60 seconds 2-3 times per day. rinse throughout the day with fresh water. gently brush around the area to avoid plaque build up. we recommend eating soft foods for the first few days and to avoid spicy and salty foods. avoid tobacco and alcohol for the first week to minimize irritation.

Art Of War’s Referral Program

There’s no better compliment to your artist or piercer than to send a new client their way! As a thank you for sending us new clients, we’re introducing a referral program!

Our individual artists and piercers will be giving out referral cards to our existing clients to give out to anyone looking to get some awesome work done! In exchange for sending us clients, you will accumulate points to use towards your next visit with your artist/ piercer! Make sure to write your name on the card so we know who to give the credit to! The new client being referred to us will receive a one time discount towards either a piercing or tattoo!

New Client Deal!

10% off a piercing! Or 15% off a tattoo!


Existing Client Rewards!

Existing clients will start accumulating points after they’ve sent in 2 new clients! The clients MUST go to the same artist/piercer to be eligible to receive points. After the 2nd client’s appointment, you will be entitled to the points from both the 1st and 2nd clients! Points are accumulative and there is no limit to how many points you can build up! The more people you refer, the more points you build! So here’s the breakdown!

For every dollar spent by a client you’ve referred on their first visit, you will get one point!

100 points = $20 towards a tattoo!

100 points = $10 towards a piercing!

Example: You’ve sent in 2 clients that have spent $200 each with your artist/ piercer. You now have 400 points so you now can get $80 off your next tattoo or $40 off your next piercing.

Points are not transferable between different artists/piercers. If your artist/ piercer is no longer available for some reason or if you encounter an escalated issue with your artist/piercer, your case will be resolved by management.

all rules and rewards subject to change.


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